SUN FM 55 – New, Newer and old

In this episode some wonderfull tracks!

With from Skippy Spiral, Tennis System, Stroke 9, Billy Bragg, Acid Baby Jeus, Melenas, Pip Blom, Sarchasm, Green/Blue and we pay tribute to Dave Greenfield.


Beijing Beer – White
Schoolgirl – Steve Forbert
Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead – The Stranglers
A Heroes Death – Fontaines D.C.
Can’t Be Here Today – Billy Bragg
Slowly Reclines – Goat Girl
衰喺個掣度 (Decay) – ToNick
How Much Longer – Drinking Boys and Girls Choir
No Place To Go – Green / Blue
Not Willing To Sacrifice My Life – King No-One
Sell by Date – Pip Blom
No Puedo Pensar – Melenas
Amalia – Acid Baby Jesus
Neil Young – Stroke 9
Shadowish Puppetry – Skippy Spiral
Dr. Worm – Sarchasm
Turn – Tennis System